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Vapeplay Flavor Concentrates:

Our flavor concentrates are exclusive to Vapeplay. We blended vape safe flavors to create unique blends that are both safe and flavorful for use with vaporization. No other on-line store offers our blend of flavors, but they may be available in some retail outlets that we supply. We use PG as our flavor base and for e-juice calculation purposes our flavors should be calculated as 100% PG for the best results. There is no Diacetyl, Acetoin or acetyl propionyl in any of our flavors.

New Christmas Flavors:

COMING SOON!!! Two new Christmas flavors will be available towards the end of November.


NEWS, NEWS, NEWS: After taking feedback about our labels! Our retail customers will see new shiny waterproof labels on our bottles of ejuice and flavor concentrates. Thank you to all the messy people who took the time to let us know they needed waterproof labels. We listen. 

Drink Flavors

e-Juice Drink Flavors
6 Pack ejuice Sampler
Try out 6 of our flavor in this great value 6 x 7ml ejuice / eliquid flavors...
Brandy ejuice
Brandy ejuice. All the flavor and you can still drive!
Cappuccino ejuice
Cappuccino ejuice, perfect start to the day!
Chai Tea eJuice
Chai Tea eJuice, A great morning or evening vape to relax.
Cherry Cola ejuice
Cherry Cola ejuice, a taste of heaven.
Coffee Dark ejuice
Coffee ejuice, vibrant blend.
Hawaiian Punch ejuice
Hawaiian Punch ejuice, sweet and tangy.
Kentucky Bourbon ejuice
Kentucky Bourbon ejuice, Here comes the late night special.
Key Lime ejuice
Key Lime ejuice, Might need some sweetener with this one.
Kiwi ejuice
Kiwi ejuice, a taste of paradise.
Koolada ejuice
Koolada ejuice, a crazy tasting thing!
Mango ejuice
Mango ejuice, fresh fruity taste with some zing.
Marshmallow ejuice
Marshmallow ejuice, sweet and tastes of camp fires.
Milk Chocolate ejuice
Milk Chocolate ejuice, Creamy and smooth.
Mint Candy ejuice
Mint Candy ejuice, not just a great tastes for the holidays.
Mojito eJuice
Mojito eJuice, Party Time!
Mountain Dew ejuice
Mountain Dew Fresh from the can.
Orange Cream ejuice
Orange Cream ejuice, sweet and tangy with a touch of smooth.